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Introducing Docker for Windows Server 2016

Today, Microsoft is announcing general availability of Windows Server 2016 at the Ignite conference in Atlanta. For Windows developers and IT-pros, the most exciting new Windows feature is containers, and containers on Windows Server 2016 are powered by Docker....more

Docker Announces Commercial Partnership with Microsoft to Double Container Market by Extending Docker Engine to Windows Server

With industry analysts declaring Windows Server with more than 60% of the x86 server market, and citing Microsoft Azure as the fastest-growing public cloud, it comes as no surprise that Microsoft, even at its current scale, is further extending its leadership as a strategic, trusted partner to enterprise IT....more

Your Docker agenda for the month of October

From webinars to workshops, meetups to conference talks, check out our list of events that are coming up in October!...more

Announcing the HashiCorp Training Partner Program

Many organizers prefer an on-site instructor to discuss the features and best practices for using the tools. To codify these best practices and ensure that the tools are used properly and safely HashiCorp engineers have developed an official training curriculum...more

Video Updates

A Technical Overview of Kubernetes (CoreOS Fest 2015)

Brendan Burns, Software engineer and a founder of Kubernetes at Google gives a technical overview of Kubernetes.

Diptanu Choudhoundry Hashiconf 2016

Cluster scheduling and deploying with Nomad

12 Factor Apps

Five years ago the world was introduced to 12 Factor apps which provided the blueprint for building applications for the cloud. As we move beyond the cloud into Hyperscale computing applications must be designed to be globally available and always on.

Latest blogs

Image2Docker: A New Tool for Prototyping Windows VM Conversions

Docker is a great tool for building, shipping, and running your applications. Many companies are already moving their legacy applications to Docker containers and now with the introduction of the Microsoft Windows Server 2016, Docker Engine can now run containers natively on Windows.To make it even easier, there’s a new prototyping tool for Windows VMs that shows you how to replicate a VM Image to a container....more

Handing over the reins

Earlier today, I shared the news with my team at Puppet that I am stepping down as CEO of Puppet. Sanjay Mirchandani, our president and COO, will be taking on the role of CEO. To explain why I’m doing this, I’m going to share with you the same message I sent to them....more

PuppetConf speaker Joshua Zimmerman on DevOps, optimism and re-learning Puppet

Joshua Zimmerman has done nearly anything you can imagine at the University of Wisconsin - Madison libraries over the past decade — everything from help desk support to web development to Windows system administration. Most recently, Joshua has been part of the team that's architecting and maintaining a growing Linux server environment for both in-house applications and those supplied by vendors. ...more

How To Dockerize Vendor Apps like Confluence

Docker Datacenter customer, Shawn Bower of Cornell University recently shared their experiences in containerizing Confluence as being the start of their Docker journey....more

Docker Infrakit

Introducing InfraKit, an open source toolkit for creating and managing declarative, self-healing infrastructure...more

What is continuous delivery?

What is continuous delivery? How is it different from continuous deployment? How does it relate to DevOps? We get these questions a lot, so let's clear it up....more

Build And Run Your First Docker Windows Server Container

Today, Microsoft announced the general availability of Windows Server 2016, and with it, Docker engine running containers natively on Windows. This blog post describes how to get setup to run Docker Windows Containers on Windows 10 or using a Windows a Windows Server 2016 VM....more

Ready, set, deploy….your Puppet code!

In this post I’m going to talk a bit about some low-level details of Puppet Server, and the ways that we, as users, make code available to it for use in Puppet catalog compilations....more