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Consul 0.7.1

We are excited to release Consul 0.7.1. Consul is a critical infrastructure service for organizations that rely on it for service discovery, key/value storage, and health checks....more

How to monitor Red Hat OpenShift with CoScale

Redhat OpenShift is one of the many new technologies currently being built for container management and orchestration. It builds upon Kubernetes and Docker to give developers and system administrator a user friendly way to build, deploy and manage container environments....more

Reference Architecture: Service Discovery and Load-Balancing with Docker Universal Control Plane (UCP)

When developing applications, developers focus on functionality, speed, robustness, and quality of the application itself more than the ongoing operations. ...more

Nomad 0.5

We are pleased to announce the release of Nomad 0.5. Nomad is a distributed, scalable, and highly available cluster manager and scheduler designed for both microservice and batch workloads....more

Announcing the HashiCorp Training Partner Program

Many organizers prefer an on-site instructor to discuss the features and best practices for using the tools. To codify these best practices and ensure that the tools are used properly and safely HashiCorp engineers have developed an official training curriculum...more

Introducing Docker for Windows Server 2016

Today, Microsoft is announcing general availability of Windows Server 2016 at the Ignite conference in Atlanta. For Windows developers and IT-pros, the most exciting new Windows feature is containers, and containers on Windows Server 2016 are powered by Docker....more

Video Updates

Overview - Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees CloudBeesTV

This video provides an overview of Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees. Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees is the same open source Jenkins you already know and love - but with the addition of professional support and additional enterprise-level plugins.

Scaling Puppet on AWS ECS with Terraform and Docker

Maxine Visonneau of Trainline presents "Scaling Puppet on AWS ECS with Terraform and Docker" at PuppetConf 2016.

A Technical Overview of Kubernetes (CoreOS Fest 2015)

Brendan Burns, Software engineer and a founder of Kubernetes at Google gives a technical overview of Kubernetes.

Latest blogs

Pragmatic continuous delivery with Jenkins and Puppet Enterprise

Last month at PuppetConf, we announced the new Puppet Enterprise plugin for Jenkins Pipeline. Let's take a look at how the plugin makes it trivial to use Puppet to perform some or all of the deployment tasks in continuous delivery pipelines....more

Ensuring Corporate Standards in Pipelines with Custom Marker Files

Pipeline-as-Code revolutionized how continuous delivery pipelines are defined in Jenkins by checking in the Pipeline as a ‘Jenkinsfile’ in your repository instead of storing the definition locally in Jenkins....more

The Container Data Persistence Problem (StorageOS)

As simple as it sounds, at the time there was no easy way to deploy a container-based registry that could handle server failures, without external dependencies....more

GitHub Extension now supports Visual Studio 2017 RC

The GitHub Extension for Visual Studio now supports Visual Studio 2017 RC, including support for cloning repositories directly from the Visual Studio Start Page. ...more

Get to Know the Docker Datacenter Networking Updates

The latest release of Docker Datacenter (DDC) on Docker Engine 1.12 brings many new networking features that were designed with service discovery and high availability in mind....more

What’s New in Docker Datacenter with Engine 1.12

Last week we announced the latest release of Docker Datacenter (DDC) with Engine 1.12 integration, which includes Universal Control Plane (UCP) 2.0 and Docker Trusted Registry (DTR) 2.1...more

Joining the Big Leagues: Tuning Jenkins GC For Responsiveness and Stability

Today I'm going to show you how easy it is to tune Jenkins Java settings to make your masters more responsive and stable, especially with large heap sizes....more

Image2Docker: A New Tool for Prototyping Windows VM Conversions

Docker is a great tool for building, shipping, and running your applications. Many companies are already moving their legacy applications to Docker containers and now with the introduction of the Microsoft Windows Server 2016, Docker Engine can now run containers natively on Windows.To make it even easier, there’s a new prototyping tool for Windows VMs that shows you how to replicate a VM Image to a container....more